This restored tiny cabin maintains its midcentury charm while providing modern amenities

Nestled in the redwood forest of the popular and beautiful Sea Ranch community along the Sonoma, California coastline is a 684-square-foot weekend cabin that was originally designed by the acclaimed Bay Area architect Joseph Esherick. Called MiniMod, this cabin was lovingly restored and refurbished by Framestudio after it was purchased by its creative director Chad DeWitt, and his husband James Cook.

Designer: Joseph Esherick & Framestudio

The cabin was originally built to show how a comfortable and affordable home could be constructed while following the Sea Ranch building guidelines. The midcentury modern cabin has a stunning wooden exterior that allows it to effortlessly blend with the surrounding natural environment. The interiors feature three spacious levels which are connected via open wooden stairs that allow light to generously flow through the levels. Although the home is not overtly large in size, the presence of the three levels manages to give it a very loft-like feeling.

While restoring the home, the designers carefully maintained the history and heritage of the cabin, while managing to make some modern upgrades. This delicate balance definitely deserves credit, as one can witness it quite evidently throughout the home. This balance was created by using old reclaimed wood found on the property itself. A new folding partition is included between the bedrooms in the house. Environment-friendly and recycled materials were used in the renovation of the home.

There’s a compact office space that is great for those who work from home. The office has lovely views of the surrounding redwood forest. Huge windows and sliding glass doors further enhance the connection to the outdoors. It’s the ultimate space to rent out, and unwind in if you’re looking for an outdoorsy getaway.

There’s a second bedroom with built-in bunk beds that would be great for the kids! The MiniMod cabin is a stunning 1968 cabin that features midcentury aesthetics, but modern-day functionality. It truly is the best of both worlds, and should be the destination of your next weekend getaway, if you’re looking for an old-school break in the woods!