Work wall makes your home work space into a working environment

One of the major things that changed during the pandemic was that companies realized people can still be productive even when they’re working from home. So even when the world started opening up, some decided that they would continue with a hybrid or totally remote working situation. So now we’re seeing all kinds of products and devices to help people recreate an office or school environment at home.

Designer: Hanyoung Lee

Work wall is a concept for your home office that will help you organize your thoughts, share brainstorming ideas during your virtual meetings, and basically transform the space you have into a work environment. It’s a beam projector and a board scanner that is attached to whatever wall you’re using for your work or schooling purposes. But instead of a projector taking up space across the wall, it’s created to be attached to the wall itself together with the screen.

The screen itself lets you write down your thoughts, tasks, or brainstorming ideas. You can use it for yourself or during virtual meetings, you can share it with your teammates or classmates. The scanner function of the device will automatically be transferred digitally and shared with whoever you need to share it with. So basically, work wall is an actual whiteboard (that’s not really white) that can turn into a digital board. It’s not really clear from the renders if you can project things on it, but since that’s one of the things mentioned in the product description, then we assume that it can.

The design for the work wall looks like a slim air conditioning device. It’s where the lenses, scanners, and speakers are placed. Underneath the board, there is also a space to store your writing tools or other work accessories you may need. It’s minimalist and clean-looking so it won’t add to the clutter of your workspace. It would be interesting to know more about the technical details of the device before making up my mind if this is something I would like to add to my home office.