This Norwegian wooden tiny home on wheels was built for a flexible + nomadic life

David and Jeanette Reiss-Andersen, cofounders of the Oslo-based tiny home company Norske Mikrohus, decided to build an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to the pricier standard-size homes available on the market.” We wanted to create something for people looking for a way out of the rental and mortgage markets—something for those who want easy access to nature and to live with fewer possessions,” said David. And their efforts led to the birth of ‘Tind’ – a beautiful wood-wrapped tiny home built in Norwegian style.

Designer: Norske Mikrohus

Measuring 70 square feet, Tind is a tiny home on wheels, that draws inspiration from the forests and mountains of Norway. It’s also clad completely in Norwegian spruce, making it a sustainable little house. Not only the exterior but the interior of the home is also clad in wood – birch veneer to be specific, giving the space a very modern, natural, and warm vibe. Large glass doors connect the indoors to the outdoors, creating a lovely connection to nature. Black aluminum windows provide an interesting contrast to the otherwise pale wooden tone of the home, creating an effect that is subtle and elegant.

The home features an open-plan kitchen and a spacious living area, which showcase a flooring of ash. This further offsets the warm and minimal theme that seems to be running through the entire house. There’s also a compact built-in wooden counter in the open-plan kitchen, which serves as an efficient home office, as well as a handy dining area.

Another interesting highlight of the home would be the skylight. It provides a stunning view of the night sky, and helps you feel even closer to nature! There’s also a walk-in closet, which isn’t seen in most tiny homes. It adds a really cool and unique element to Tind. It provides the same amount of storage, you would find in the other tiny home models by Norske Mikrohus, so there’s been no compromise on the storage space.

The bathroom boasts a large shower area, which isn’t usually seen in the bathrooms of tiny homes. This was inspired by houseboats! There’s also sufficient space under the sink to fit in a washer/dryer.

Not only is Tind built from environmentally friendly Nordic materials, but it was also designed to withstand Nordic weather conditions. Tind was designed with one important goal in mind – to encourage flexibility and freedom. It’s a home you can move around in, and take wherever you want to. It supports a comfortable life on the road, and the freedom to live life wherever and however you want!