Portable book stand lets you listen to music while focusing on reading

Even though I’m a certified bookworm, I have to admit that it’s a challenge to read because of the distraction of social networks and the internet in general. I would be reading a book and then think about posting a quote or a picture of the passage that I want to share and before I know it, I’m scrolling on Instagram or Twitter. Even if the book is really compelling, the allure of the interwebs can sometimes be too distracting. So I need all the tools (and sometimes devices) I can get to help me get back to reading.

Designers: Jimin Park and Hanyoung Lee

Lesen is a product concept that would help you read more while listening to music if that’s your thing. It’s a reading table that looks like a tablet stand and an audio speaker in one. It is also portable so you can carry it anywhere with you if you plan to be alone and read somewhere. The idea is that it will help you focus and read while having some music in case you need a little accompaniment that will not distract you from your book.

The design is based on a tablet case or stand and a book stand. There’s a magnet at the back to prop up the stand for your book and adjust it according to the angle that suits you best. For the speaker part, there’s an on/off button as well as controls for volume and play/pause/stop. The product renders don’t show anything on how the stand can play music but it’s probably through a Bluetooth connection. There’s also a timer on the stand if you want to set up a specific time for you to read your book.

There’s really nothing in Lesen that can ensure that I won’t bring out my phone and scroll through my social networks while reading. But the action of placing a book on the stand, playing music while reading, and setting a timer may be enough to convince myself that I should put away all other distractions and just focus on my book and reading.