Desk chair lets you swivel around to take a break

For people who practically live in front of their desk or workstation, having something that’s comfortable and flexible is pretty important. I for one can sometimes spend almost six hours straight sitting in front of a screen in both my office desk and home desk. I’d like to take a break and read a book or write in my journal, but sometimes I won’t be able to stand up for hours. What if I had furniture that would let me relax just a bit while not leaving my space?

Designers: Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay (Raw Edge)

The Sui Desk Chair is an interesting piece of chair that can turn from a working desk into a casual chair where you can read a book or drink a cup of coffee with just a little swivel. It’s built to be a hybrid and multi-purpose structure. Even when it’s a desk, you still get some freedom of movement (at least in the physical sense) as the design brings you wide and generous angles, letting you have both private and semi-public spaces, depending on which way you want to swivel.

The swivel seat is attached to the desk itself which is a semi-circle-shaped surface. So when you’re facing the desk, you can put not just your computer or laptop but also your planner, snacks, coffee, books, and other stuff you would need to work or study around you. When you want to take a break from whatever it is you’re doing, just swivel around and pick up a book or meditate or just close your eyes for a few minutes and you can use the desk behind you as a backrest and the part nearer you as an armrest. You still have your other stuff within reach so no need to stand up (although you should get up every once in a while ideally).

The Sui Desk Chair also has an integrated power plug solution although this is an optional feature. And just like other +Halle products, they use wood that is “grown with respect for the land” and the metal parts are actually made from 99% recylable steel. I would definitely want to have something like this in my office although it would probably make my already sedentary lifestyle even more sedentary.