Uppgradera brings Ikea hacks to improve your garden, kitchen, living room

Swedish furniture brand IKEA is one of the most famous ones in the market but that doesn’t mean that their products are perfect. There’s always room for improvement of course. There are a lot of tips and hacks out there to make the furniture and accessories more useful or better than their original purpose. Uppgradera, the Swedish word for upgrading or improving something, is an Ikeahack collection that supplements the original design and corrects some of the problems that actual users experience when using some of their products.

Designer: Adam Miklosi

Uppgradera has now come up with five new product ideas, four of which are new hacks while the other one is a new version that builds on one of the original ideas. These hacks can actually be 3D printed and used in real life if you have the original IKEA product. For the “new version” of a product, it can help out in your gardening needs. IKEA doesn’t have a watering head but the SOCKER watering can is the next best thing. When you add the SO02 hack, it can improve its watering capabilities.

SU02A is a hack for the SUNNERSTA rails that people use on their kitchen wall even though It’s not really meant for knives and other tools. So this is something you can print and insert to hold these tools, especially the knives and avoid drops, clutter, and other messes it might cause. The SUNNERSTA boxes are also one of the most used accessories but again, if you stuff all of your pens, utensils, or whatever you want to put in there, it can look like a mess. So SU02B is a divider for your boxes so you’ll be able to organize all the things you want to put inside the box and also maximize the small space that you have.

The NÄVLINGE reading lamp doesn’t originally come with a shade so the high-powered LED light can be too much for your eyes if you use it as a desk lamp. You can add the NÄ02 as a shade to add to the lamp to diffuse the light. Another IKEA desk lamp that is shade-less is HÅRTE and so you can print the HÅ02 clip-on shade to reduce the light that will directly shine into your eyes and also add a little bit of design to your light source.

These Ikeahacks are pretty interesting and can be useful for those who have the original products or are planning to get them soon. We look forward to future hacks that Miklosi can come up with and add to their Uppgradera collection.