This seesaw lamp visualizes your achievements by illuminating with your goals

If you had been waiting for a delightful way to motivate yourself to keep up with your goals or routines in the hybrid work environment, the Motivo lamp is here. It’s a seesaw of illumination that will only light up when you’ve completed your planned goal. Now that’s how anyone who lacks perseverance can stay motivated to drink 5 liters of water throughout the day if the smartwatch notification doesn’t help.

Until I got a smartwatch, I doubted that the trackers and gadgets actually helped you keep more active and achieve predetermined goals. Now as the clouds of doubt fade, things have really changed for good. I can keep tabs on my vitals during my speed walks or set a goal for the day and then drink plenty of water, knowing if I don’t, my better half would have her way over me (for it’s her who’s got me into the smartwatch habit after all).

Designer: HyunJin Kim and Hanyoung Lee

Back to Motivo, it is a very non-intrusive product, that scraps the need of having a gadget tethered to the body all the time. Sitting on the table, alongside your laptop, this seesaw of illumination syncs with the smartphone and lets you pre-plan and then achieve your set goals. The Motivo visualizes individual achievement with its seesaw-like aesthetics. The light is turned on when a goal is achieved and the LED-mounted side of the seesaw rise upward illuminating brighter as the user approaches the planned routine or goal.

The Motivo thus intuitively indicates about the user’s achievement rate as the individual rallies toward his/her achievement. One can turn on the light using a button at the bottom of the Motivo, when the predefined goal is achieved. Interesting as it may sound, I’m sure it will make life tougher for the least motivated like me; but if we can really tap around for fun, who knows we may also light up in enthusiasm one day!