Scope dog leash lets you have more control over your pet

Any pet owner who walks his dog with a leash knows the feeling of being dragged through the park when it sees a squirrel or anything that excites him. It would of course be ideal to just let them run around on their own but not all places are conducive for that. So if you need to keep them tethered to you, it would be great to have something that will not be dangerous for you and the people around you and would still make it comfortable for your pet.

Designer: Yifeeling Design Lab

This concept called Scope is a dog leash that can give you a bit more control over your pet and at the same time also give you a visual guide on what your dog may be feeling, in case you couldn’t decipher it yet. It looks like a leash and tape measure rolled into one and the measuring function is the one that gives you an idea of what emotion your dog is currently exhibiting. But in case you didn’t need to know that, this tool can just be something to give you a semblance of control over the dog while you’re walking.

It can function as a simple leash to pull back your dog in case it gets too excited by some external stimuli. You can set it at a certain length only if you need your pet to only be able to move at a certain distance from you. The visual guide is there to tell you what your pet may be feeling, depending on the length of the leash that he is currently giving you. For example, if it’s just 1M, it’s still happy and calm. If it suddenly extends to 2M, there may be something that catches its attention. And if it’s more than that, it may be angry or chasing after something.

There may be some other functionalities based on the product renders but as there’s not enough description about it, we can only guess. It seems you can just leave the controller on a bench while the dog goes gallivanting and you’ll look at the visual indicators to check on it every once in a while. There may be some sort of hook or magnet to keep it in place so it doesn’t get dragged off somewhere. It would be interesting to see what other things the Scope can do for you and your pet.