Concept speaker with gramophone design can play music from your headphones

For those who love listening to music out loud (meaning not on their headphones or earphones), the search for the best Bluetooth speaker is probably part of their online window shopping experience. There are a lot of great ones to choose from out there but sometimes what interests me more are the product concepts from some really talented and imaginative designers out there. Not a lot of them become consumer products, but it’s pretty nice to dream right?

Designer: Charlotte Teneza

The concept for this Bluetooth speaker called Cornucopia is pretty interesting. On the surface, it’s a simple speaker inspired by nostalgia. Its design is based on the gramophone and also seems to have a bit of a nautilus shape. For kids who don’t know what a gramophone is, it’s what people used to listen to records in the olden days of the 1800s. Since a lot of people are on a nostalgic kick nowadays, such a design would appeal to some.

What makes the Cornucopia even more interesting though is that it serves a few more functions other than playing the music from your smartphone. It doubles as a headphone stand with its hook-like top to reduce the clutter on your desk. But there’s a proposed additional functionality to that stand. When you place the headphones on the hook, whatever is playing through your headphones will automatically be played on the loudspeaker. That gives you a pretty smooth transition from the headphones to the speaker and also from the speaker to the headphones eventually.

The Cornucopia speaker will also have Bluetooth volume control and can probably have other functionalities if ever it becomes an actual product. What would matter though is the sound quality, which is of course a pretty important aspect for true blue music lovers.