Newtons Magnetic Sculpture serves many purposes, offers contemplative moments

Sir Isaac Newton is famous for laying down the laws for motion and universal gravitation, and we believe his theories will forever be discussed and compared with Einstein’s. Science and physics will always matter even when it comes to product design, that is how and why Newton’s theories inspired this set of wooden magnetic sculpture. Officially called Newtons, this sculpture is a set of several pieces of round magnetic wood with some pieces shaped like eggs, while others are perfect spheres.

Designer: StudioYO

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Newtons Magnetic Sculpture Design

Concept Newtons Magnetic Sculpture

The Newtons sculpture appears natural but it’s not, instead, it’s something created and well-designed since magnets usually work on flat surfaces. The reason for such is that adsorption should be more stable, however, a set of Newtons goes against the norm because the magnets work without any fluctuation even if the shape is curved and not flat. The magnetic sculpture seems easy to achieve and maintain, and it shows strength and stability even if physics appears to be impossible. It can be “a piece of everyday art” if you decide to display it on your table for your guests to see. You can use the pieces separately whether to use them on your fridge–for example, use a pair to hold a picture and use it as a frame. And like most sculptures and art pieces too, this can be another conversation starter.

Newtons Wooden Magnetic Sculpture

Newtons Magnetic Sculpture Concept

The NEWTONS magnetic sculpture is made using a reliable Japanese tradition called Shizuoka turnery. Not many people know this but this tradition of wooden products has been widely used in the market for decades. It involves machining small objects like knobs for furniture items, and as for the Newtons, the wooden objects are made with this process and then added with neodymium magnets.

The free-form idea works as Newtons’ idea can be wildly explored and played with. Play with the magnets and form different smaller sculptures in whatever form you want to imagine–the possibilities are endless! It’s one interesting creation and so the set was recognized at the Design Intelligence Award 2021 (DIA 2021) with an Honorable Mention.

Newtons Magnetic Sculpture

The set was designed by StudioYO and crafted by Masaki Kishimoto, who incorporated the magnets. It’s a sculpture set, but it’s also a series of everyday tools–or it can be a toy or a musical instrument, or a simple decor for your coffee table. You can also use it a piece of paperweight for your office table as you can be as innovative as you want when it comes to the Newtons.

The Newtons wooden magnetic sculpture set presents several things like magnetism, gravity, repulsion, and attraction. Play with the magnetic objects, and you will be surprised at how it can be relaxing and be enjoyed contemplatively. If you are creative and have something similar, you can join the DIA Awards 2022 and submit your product as an official entry. Click here to enroll for the 2022 Design Intelligence Awards FOR FREE!

Newtons Magnetic Sculpture DIA 2022

Newtons Handcrafted Magnetic Sculpture