Elisa Uberti’s ceramic handcrafted lamps are beautiful pieces of art

Elisa Uberti Édifice Horizon Cocon

Elisa Uberti is an artist known for her ceramic works. This ceramist knows art and design, which is very evident in her products.

Uberti has released a vast collection of stoneware lamps. Every item is handcrafted, so that makes every piece special. The lamps don’t really light up the whole room but provide just enough illumination for objects on your table or the surroundings. The designer has a passion for timeless objects and refined subjects, so she maintains the art of handcraft.

Designer: Elisa Uberti

Elisa Uberti Cocon # 6

Elisa Uberti Arche # 3 A

The designer’s stoneware lamps are stunning with their curves and shapes that are products of spontaneous gestures. Such are balanced with technical constraints so you can see the creativity of the lamps. The beauty of ceramics is something that has attracted people since the beginning of civilization. It’s not a lost art, but artists and creatives must consciously keep the craft. This craftsmanship is there to stay, but there is a call to keep the art alive.

Elisa Uberti Edifice # 41

Elisa Uberti

In this day and age, when 3D printing is becoming more common and more affordable, handcrafted items may soon become rare. But, of course, those of us in the design world will not let that happen. That is why we support the efforts of artists like Elisa Uberti.

Elisa Uberti’s primary material is stoneware. It’s her favorite, enabling her to design and create unique lamps and sculptures. Without light, her lamps can stand alone as interesting sculptures that can drive conversations.

Elisa Uberti Horizon 4 Sidelamp

All the shapes and curves are comforting as they respond to manual gestures. Every lamp is unique and appears a challenge to recreate. Her inspirations vary from nature to space to architecture and even nomadism. Uberti’s art speaks poetry. Every piece is based on organic and multiple inspirations, so you can see the lamps appear natural and really handmade.

Here are some samples of Elisa Uberti’s art. She has designed dozens of ceramic lamps already. We hope more artists will be inspired by her passion, skills, and advocacies. She blends design and art in every work. It’s pronounced in her work that modernity and tradition can co-exist. As long as you have a constant drive for art, creativity, and life.

Elisa Uberti Edifice # 43

The artist refers to emotional shapes, including architecture, caves, refuges, and mini shelters. They can also be “protective dwellings for microorganisms”. Let’s take a look at some of her creations.

Elisa Uberti Baume 1

This is Baume #1. It is a handmade minimalistic white stoneware product that stands 50cm. The ceramist has described that she made it by hand with coiling techniques in her workshop in Roubaix, France. It’s created without using templates or molds and then baked in a ceramic oven. The res of her ceramic lamps are handcrafted and made with the same material and process. Some lamps have been painted though, to add more life and fun to the collection.

Elisa Uberti Edifice # 36

Elisa Uberti Arche # 3

Elisa Uberti Ceramics