This retro cinema lightbox is perfect for writing fun or motivational messages!

Inspired by the large backlit panels outside old-time cinemas and theaters that would tell people what was playing at the venue, the My Cinema Lightbox is a cute tabletop accessory that can be used to display any message you like. Each lightbox comes with the box itself, and a series of alphabets + letters printed on transparent sheet plastic that you can fit onto the lightbox. Each lightbox offers an option of either running on 6 AA batteries or via USB. The relatively thick box can then either be placed on a tabletop surface like your mantelpiece, work desk, or kitchen countertop, or even wall-mounted to add to your room’s decor. Perfect for leaving adorable messages for your partner, motivational quotes for yourself, or having in the background for your YouTube videos or livestreams!

Designer: My Cinema Lightbox

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Measuring 12 inches by 8.7 inches in size, the Cinema Lightbox comes with three rows that hold up to 8 characters each. The character cards are stored in the back, right beside the battery panel, and the condensed font allows the lightbox to have a compact horizontal frame. Each Cinema Lightbox comes with its own pack of characters, although if you’re looking for extras, or even special emoji characters, you can buy them separately or even make your own by printing them out on transparent OHP paper!

The Cinema Lightbox also comes in a few other variants, including a Mini, an XL, a rectangular 2-row lightbox, and tinted lightboxes with color-changing LED backlights.

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