This modern Knight Rider racecar is a mind-blowing stealth fighter on wheels

Formula-1 and stealth attack aircrafts are marvels of engineering and design that inspire many associated and not that relatable technologies too. Here we’ve got a racecar design that looks like the ultra-modern and a more compact version of the iconic Batmobile or maybe even the Knight Rider.

Inspired by the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk single-seat stealth aircraft, this hot ride could be the best version of a Batmobile we could see in the making maybe in the future if Matt Reeves lays his eyes on it. The badass personality with a balance of modern looks for Bruce Wayne to eventually graduate into. Rather than going any further with the Batmobile dream, I would like to see it feature in an epic return of the Knight Rider series making a return, and the crime-fighting machine to be this one. Just imagine this stealth fighter on four wheels unload of a semi-truck, and steering its way into the distance.

Designer: Giulio Partisani

Dubbed the F117 4WD Covenant, the Formula-1 structure at the very core is undeniable. Those highly aerodynamic assisting chassis, wings, sidepods and cockpit are all the clear evidence. At high speeds (I’m assuming it’ll go in excess of 230 mph) there will be no porpoising and the machine will stick to the road like a magnet reassuring the driver to keep the pedal floored down on high-speed straights. The cockpit will be fully sealed to eliminate any chances of drag being induced that could hamper the speed.

I could never imagine a stealth bomber would look so cool in a racecar avatar. This design proves it all right, and it’s time car designers get down to craft this awesome concept blueprint into a real thing someday. In all probability, this bold racecar will be propelled by an electric drivetrain, because that’s where the future of all vehicles on the planet lies.