Floof for People is a fluffy cave you can snuggle into to escape the world

No one is too old to have a comfortable place to escape worries and anxieties, even if you sometimes need to be a contortionist to fit inside.

Most of us had something like a fortress of solitude when we were kids, whether they were made from stacked boxes, piles of pillows, or sheets held up by ropes. As we grew older, we gave up those sacred places in exchange for a simple blanket and pillow. There is no reason not to have that comfortable and comforting space again, no matter how young or old you are. That’s the very tempting proposition that these “cuddle caves” are making if you don’t mind looking like a human inari sushi in the process. Then again, you’re trying to escape from the world’s judging eyes anyway.

Designer: Rose (Floofcouture)

There is almost nothing more comforting than being wrapped with something soft and warm, be it a hug or smooth fabric with soft, thick filling inside. That’s why we dive into our beds or duck under covers after especially exhausting days. Our bodies and brains seem to be hardwired to find such physical sensations soothing and relaxing, perhaps reminding us of human companionship and love.

Of course, we don’t always have access to hugs, even from our pets, but we can always have access to a Floof. Initially designed for our furred friends, the designer has created two human-sized Floofs for the perfect at-home getaway, even for just a few hours. Simply dive in, alone or with a friend or a snack, and curl up into a hopefully comfortable position to while the day away.

Made from high-end faux fur and stuffed with thick filling inside, these “escape dens” offer a safe and comfortable zone to chill after a day’s work or even get rid of a hangover during the weekend. Handsewn with Brazilian waxed cord, each Floof for People comes out as a unique work of art that doubles as a floor pillow, whether you’re inside or out. It’s also made to vegan specifications so that it can be used by any and all people.

The Floofs are actually made with kids in mind, but the product seems to be more popular with adults. It only goes to show that you’re never too old for a cuddle, and now you don’t have to feel embarrassed about it because you can have your cuddle completely on your own.