Medium Air Freshener-Purifier brings all seasonal scents into your home

Medium Air Freshener Air Purifier Concept

The air around us is generally clean, but it still needs purifying and, in some places, humidifying. There are plenty of air purifiers or air humidifiers in the market, but most look bland and boring. So a South Korean designer came up with something that looks more like home decor than an air freshener. Meet the Medium Air Purifier and Air Freshener in one.

We live in an era where stuff for the home can always look pretty while being functional. South Korean designs are known for their playful spontaneity like this Medium. The Medium is a new concept product that gives off a nice scent that can fill up a room. It brings seasonal incense and evokes memories of the past.

Designer: Minji Son

Medium Air Freshener Air Purifier Concept Details

You can experience Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter with the Medium. There are objects that pertain to every season that you can put inside the container. Medium’s air purifying function happens inside the device. Air gets inside and is then filtered by a HEPA filter. The latter can filter even fine contaminants and common viruses. The purified air gets out through exhaust and even helps to spread the clean and fragrant air in two directions.

Medium Air Freshener Air Purifier Details

Medium Air Freshener-Purifier Design

The Air Freshener-Purifier appears to be standing tall, firm, and secure. It has a rounded square base and a tower shape body that becomes a circle on top, covering the components. There are touch buttons on the rounded triangle-shaped top surface: Power, Breeze, Cool, Strong. The middle part is open and it is where the seasonal scented objects can be seen. It can be assumed those objects are scented so fragrant air can be enjoyed inside the room.

Medium Air Freshener Air Purifier Concept Design

There aren’t many air purifiers and air fresheners in one, but this Medium certainly offers more than just purified air and fresh scents that seem to come from nature. The device is available in different colors like orange, green, brown/red, and blue and white gradient. The scent of nature during different seasons could be the smell of stone, sea, snow, flowers, leaves, or rain. Each season comes in separate boxes so you know what scent for the air you may want to take out and use right away.

Medium Air Freshener Air Purifier Seasons

Air purifiers have become essential necessities in this day and age when safety protocols must be followed. An air purifier may not catch all viruses and bacteria in the air, but at least, it can give you peace of mind amidst the air pollution. It’s perfect for those with rhinitis or allergies, as tiny pollens and fine contaminants are just out there.

Medium Air Freshener Air Purifier Lifestyle

Medium Air Freshener Air Purifier Details