This luxury catamaran transforms into a camper for the perfect water adventure over weekend

What do you think of a premium catamaran with an all-electric powertrain capable of transforming into a camper on water? The Pol Luxe is that new generation boat for modern outdoor enthusiasts who love to explore the great waters without the fear of being stuck mid-way and nowhere to go.

There is no dearth of luxury-laden yachts on the market. But if the idea of your sail is a multi-hull vessel; a sustainably designed, impressively efficient catamaran with luxury as its backbone should be on your shopping list. It may be early for you to put the Pol Luxe from Swedish start-up Pol Boat on that list, for it’s only going to go into testing in spring 2022, and may take time before hitting the market, but it’s nonetheless an attractive option to keep in mind. More importantly, this all-electric catamaran makes it possible for you to set out on a water adventure from day to night and until morning.

Designer: Pol Boat

The Pol Luxe adventure craft may not ride the road and water like the Z-Triton 2.0, but it will take you on the water-powered by a fully-electrified drivetrain, so you leave nothing “between you & nature” the builder’s claim. In addition to sailing over the waves during the day, the Pol Luxe – which can turn into a camper by night – will provide a lovely camping experience on the water so you never want to get back home.

This twin-hull camper measures 7.8 meters long and is 2.5 meters wide. According to Pol Boat, the catamaran can comfortably house up to eight people and has an estimated range of 60 nautical miles. The electric vessel will be able to cruise at speeds of 7 knots with 12 knots top speed. Interestingly, the Pol Luxe will have solar panels on board for persistent charging on the go. On solar power, it will sail at about 4 knots.

The catamaran has a nicely laid-out cork flooring and self-draining platform. The entire boat from up here is customizable to the requirement. For instance, the users can use the deck for sitting and partying by the day with a steel structure and offering shade from the harsh sun. When night falls, a fabric tent can be setup on the structure for protection from the elements and insects. The benches within can double up as beds. There is no word on the kitchen and toilet facility, but we presume Pol Boat will make provision, considering the camping experience will be incomplete otherwise!