Plug & Play wearable injector concept simplifies biological drug delivery

Plug & Play Cambridge Consultants Concept

Chronic diseases are those that may not be cured but can be managed. They may last a lifetime but you should not worry when you are diagnosed with one. With the advances in health and medical technology, such bad news can become more bearable.

We’re not here to downplay chronic diseases but rather to introduce possible solutions and improvements to enhance and lengthen life. Treatments vary but one thing is certain, the field of medicine will only get better. But as it improves, some people may still not catch up because of forgetfulness, fear, and other issues. Plug & Play aims to solve that as the first wearable injector.

Designers: Cambridge Consultants, David Robinson

Plug & Play Cambridge Consultants Design

This personal injector is a small device that can be worn or stuck onto a body part. It helps fulfill a patient’s needs for injections. It’s not for every illness, syndrome, or health condition but only for those who need injections. It boasts a one-step plug-in mechanism so a patient can insert a vial easily. No need for another person to assist you. The Plug & Play will inject the contents of the vial itself into the patient after a single press of the play button.

The name Plug & Play perfectly describes what this concept device does. You simply “plug” a vial and then press ‘play’ and it’s done. The simple process lessens the agony and waiting time for those who may be afraid of injections. This device is more than helpful as patients can know the injection status with color-coded feedback.

Plug & Play Wearable Injector

Vials can vary in size but this Plug & Play can transform them into a primary container with a customizable insert. This is important as biological drug volumes really vary depending on the prescription. The small device allows orientation independent delivery as made possible by a method (patent-pending ) of extraction from a vial.

Plug & Play Cambridge Consultants 3

Plug & Play was designed by Cambridge Consultants. The group is known for its breakthrough products. It offers business technology consultancy and licenses for intellectual property. This project won a Red Dot Design Award for Design Concept years ago.

The Plug & Play wearable pump injector concept still remains a significant idea especially now when access to medical professionals and hospitals may be limited, no thanks to the pandemic. Since injection of biological drugs may take time or require a hospital visit, an independent solution like this revolutionary Plug & Play may be preferred. It’s making things less complicated not only for the patient but also for his caregiver, family, and doctor.

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Plug & Play Cambridge Consultants Red Dot Award