Speed Render a Speedster

If you like the creative process, you will love to see this video of a car sketch speed rendered in just 5 minutes using only photoshop. Jan Lim from Malaysia SEGi College’s industrial design department speeds us from pencil sketch to polished metal. If you can put up with the mind numbing music, you just might learn something.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u7BKbLaPxM 468 344]


  • zippyflounder says:

    now lets see the same think in a resolved clay model….hummmmmmm

  • render says:

    actually its the video only that is 5 mins, render is not. it might have taken more than 30 45 mins to render.i can always spend 2 hors on a render make a fast forward video and vola, get my self pasted on yanko as hero.come on

  • Lim says:

    Hahaha cmon people…this video aint new… It has been circulated quite some time ago. Anyway, the designer himself commented that he speed up the video….. Otherwise, you want to watch 2 hours rendering movie ?

    • zippyflounder says:

      oh i figured that lim, still LOVE seeing photoshop kiddies try to sling clay…..

  • M72 says:

    Eh- it’s actually nothing interesting. No new techniques or crazy speed with great result. The only thing that actually comes very interesting to me is his use of paths – I never used them that much

  • Brian says:

    The only question I have is how many practicing designers still do this sort of rendering? I’ve worked in consultancy & corporate design for over 11 years now and there isn’t a single designer I know that has done a rendering like this for a client in at least 5 years. This seems very anachronistic considering the ubiquity of rendering software & the relative ease with which one can create models of their designs. I think I might be more impressed if this rendering was better implemented but to be honest, the original sketch is much more interesting than the final rendering.

  • Danny says:

    hate to be a killjoy and never usually leave negative comments (bored at work), but clearly some people haven’t seen a ‘real’ photoshop render!, there is some mind blowing stuff out there.. this is more of a 1st year transport deign student standard.
    He’s really is using the most basic technique, there are no reflections even!..
    besides those in the know would use illustrator too for line-work these days (offset path, blend anyone?).

    there are too many designers these days trying to cover a bad design with bad photoshop..

    as the old saying goes….. ‘you cant polish a turd’

  • julian says:

    its ok, the render is a bit 5th grade

  • Free says:

    i just want to add, where are the side mirrors?

  • meneses says:

    i agree about the lack of ps technic but the real problem with these kind of “renders” its simple: “ok, could youn show me an other perspective please?”

  • A good Beginner

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