Award-winning minimal TV Stand uses an easel-style design to prop your TV up in sleek fashion

In what could easily be a first, this sleek, minimal TV stand actually looks better than the TV it holds – so much so that you’re sure to have guests asking you all sorts of questions about it!

A winner of the iF Design Award, the Carry TV Stand from Eva Solo takes the shape of a slim easel that props your TV up. Its metal pipe-based construction provides two distinct benefits, strength without the visual or physical weight. The stand looks so incredibly slick, it feels almost as if the TV is floating in mid-air, and the pipes themselves provide the perfect tubular structure to hide your TV cables behind. All you need to do is display some NFTs (especially easy if you own a Samsung TV) and you’ve got yourself an easel with literal art on it!

The Eva Solo Carry offers a nice way to freely place your TV anywhere in a room without being restricted to a wall, TV unit, or credenza. The lightweight stand holds flatscreen TVs between 40″ to 65″ in size regardless of their company or type, offering a flexible experience that isn’t as restrictive as a wall-mount, letting you position your TV anywhere in your living room, bedroom, or even office space and plan your furniture layout accordingly.

The minimalist Carry TV stand comes constructed from durable stainless steel piping that easily and comfortably lifts your TV 9 inches off the floor, angling it upwards for a comfortable viewing experience whether you’re seated on the floor, a beanbag, or even a sofa set. My only real concern with this angled design is that you’re almost sure to catch the reflection of a fan or a tube light if it’s right in front of the TV, so that’s something to watch out for.

Aside from the stainless steel piping, the Carry TV Stand even comes with a few accents, including leather straps that fasten to the back of the TV, holding it in place so that it doesn’t accidentally fall forward (a serious hazard if you’ve got kids or pets), and rubber details at the base of the easel and on the TV’s resting bars to prevent any damage to your flooring or expensive television.

The Carry TV Stand is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2021.

Designer: Eva Solo