This Apple Car concept is a 360-degree maneuverable, self-driving, two-seater for the future

When you think about it, driving solo or even with one other passenger in a five-seater car is a wasteful thing! Many may beg to differ, but I think the purpose is defied when a vehicle capable of ferrying up to five people has just one or two alighting at the car park. That’s the primary reason I may for a minute visualize streets filled with two-seaters.

An Apple Car in that domain is slightly an overboard assumption but then we have been through a number of Apple Car concepts in the past, and all of them have some level of irrationality. Filling the gap between imagination and reality these are the best of what we know the Apple Car would be but the Apple Autonomous concept has a different idea. The two-seat pod for Apple foresees a future where such vehicles will be self-driving from pillar to post carrying and dropping off passengers and quietly moving back to their defined parking spot like a decent Roomba in the house.

The thought of riding an Apple Car is in itself appealing, but even if we believe all the hype and buildup around the possibility of an autonomous electric Apple Car, we are not going to get to ride one before 2028 at least. The car is expected to be in a very early stage of the development cycle and there are no images to show how it would be, so concepts like the Apple Autonomous piques interest.

This 360-degree movable autonomous car has a door that flings open to reveal a cocoon-like cockpit with two comfortable seats. Since it is designed from Apple’s perspective, it has a nice sheen and a clean finish. The renders suggest the nice reclining structure of the pod will house occupants comfortably whether on the city street or on the expressway.

Designer: Devanga Borah