LEGO-inspired waffle maker lets you create brick-shaped stackable waffle art!

It’s probably one of the only few instances where parents will encourage kids to ‘play with their food’!

When you stare at a waffle, you may see a beautiful dessert with a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior… I just see an incredible opportunity for a form redesign! Sure, the waffle’s pretty perfect the way it is. Those scooped surfaces are great for filling honey, maple syrup, banana chunks, chocolate chips, etc… but unless you plan on turning your waffle into a decadent layered dessert every single time, the waffle shape could really use a fun reinterpretation.

The CucinaPro Building Brick Electric Waffle Maker gives the humble breakfast food a new twist, turning the large square waffle into a series of stackable bricks! The waffle maker’s heat plate is designed to resemble a LEGO-ish mold, and the resulting waffles come with studs on the upper surface, and hollow areas on the lower surface to allow the waffle bricks to lock into each other. The patent-pending design lets you make 14 bricks of different sizes with each serving, allowing you to explore quite literally a new dimension when it comes to food. Stacked pancakes have nothing on these brick waffles!

Designer: CucinaPro

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Each CucinaPro Building Brick Electric Waffle Maker also comes with 2 serving plates designed to provide the perfect stacking/eating experience. The plates are equipped with studs that make the perfect base structure for your build, while two small containers on the side let you store your accouterments, be it maple syrup, sliced fruits, or cubes of butter.

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