Move over Cybertruck – Thundertruck with bat wing solar awnings is the Batmobile avatar for all off-road adventures

The ultra-futuristic EV seems like an evolved Batmobile RC toy car transformed magically into the real-world scaled-up version. Thundertruck takes things to the next level with its roof-mounted bat wing solar awning which adds to the battery power reserve and acts as potent shade in extreme heat when parked for camping, fishing, or BBQing.

All automotive fanatics are waiting for the Cybertruck to finally roll out of the production lines and on the roads. While that has been pushed back to sometime in 2022, the next generation multi-utility truck with the performance of a sports car is still seeming like a distant dream. This is the perfect opportunity for an electric MUV to give the vision of the ultimate performance truck-wide wings. Thundertruck is the perfect example of that, as it is designed for individuals who preferer living and driving outside the proverbial lines!

Designed by Wolfgang IP, the sharp-looking multi-purpose EV takes on the current automotive design principles to bring superior on and off-road performance to the fore. According to them, Thundertruck is crafted for the outdoor enthusiasts and young crowd who don’t like living within the boundaries and following the herd. The extra edgy truck (so sharp even the Cybertruck seems blunt) is inspired by the Australian Outback and honed by state-of-the-art technology adapting to any terrain and adventure coming its way. It goes from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds flat, boasting its high-performance electric motor capabilities. The advanced driver assistance systems ensure safety on dangerous trails as the scope of driving errors is always there.

The spacious cargo bed can be accessed via steps and extendable loading ramps enable loading of 2 or 4 wheel bikes. The integrated camping tent expands over the main tray, and it raises by PV trunk lid cover. There’s even a multi-purpose pull-out side draw storage unit with a slide-out kitchen or refrigerator. A matching drone flies off the roof of the vehicle to perform scouting or reiki to gauge the condition of roads ahead in unknown territory. What more can you ask from a swanky-looking MUV like this one?

Even better, the 180 kWh battery-equipped 4×4 (800 HP) can be converted into a 210 kWh battery-powered 6×6 (940 HP) multi-purpose EV monster honing a combined driving range of 560 miles and additional 2WD traction. Both the normal and 6×6 versions have massive ground clearance of 14.5 inches, an approach angle of 48 degrees, and a departure angle of 82 degrees. There’s no word yet when this truck in pure matte black will set the roads on fire, but if does anytime next year, Tesla will have a major headache on their hands!

Designer: Wolfgang