This smart indoor garden uses hydroponics to cultivate plants in a growth tray that resembles natural outdoor landscapes!

Vista is a smart gardening system that uses hydroponics to cultivate lush greenery in a growth tray that mimics the natural terrain of a mountainous landscape.

Smart gardens have taken the design world by storm in recent years. With so much of our time now spent indoors, we’re craving the freshness and beauty of nature. Even so, many of the smart gardens currently on the market are too sterile and rigid to actually make us feel close to nature.

Too many of the smart gardens on the market today prioritize function over aesthetics, amounting to cold, vertical farms that would look more at home in a research center’s greenhouse than a living room. That’s why designer Juhyuck Han created Vista, a smart garden appliance that mimics a landscape’s natural terrain and scales it down to fit in our homes.

Designed to either stand alone or be mounted on an interior wall, Vista takes up around the same space as a large fish tank. Featuring a hydroponic gardening system, Vista’s grow tray mimics the terrain of a natural landscape to bring users closer to nature. Through an immersive structure and smart technology, Vista combines functionality with aesthetics to create a gardening experience.

Trading a cold structure for a design that appeals to the senses, Han notes, “It designed a new smart green appliance that allows you to feel nature and experience growing plants in natural scenery, not in such an artificial box. Vista is a smart green appliance that brings natural scenery into the product and provides a new experience that seems to be cultivated directly in nature.”

Measuring the size of a large fish tank, Vista is designed to be the centerpiece of any interior space. The entire hydroponic cultivation system is encased within a transparent, panoramic glass container that comes with its own array of smart features.

Equipped with GPS technology, the glass container reveals various pieces of daily information such as the weather, temperature, date, and time. Defined by a louver window system, Vista’s plants are also kept ventilated with plenty of fresh air.

Designer: Juhyuck Han