This smartphone accessory scans your skin for underlying problems, the hassle-free way

Always worried about your skin’s health? Then this camera-like attachment is exactly what you want.

Skin is the first line of defense that the complex body mechanism has developed to keep all the billions and trillions of external elements from reaching the internal organs. As civilizations progressed forward this largest and most important organ of the body became the most sought after in terms of care. Take the skincare industry for example which is one of the biggest out there and so much money is poured into it for mere looks. In fact, the skincare segment amounted to $18,702 million in 2021, and it is following a growth pattern of 5.01 percent annually.

After all who doesn’t want some me-time, especially with their skincare. Seeing the importance of skincare in daily routine, Borderless Design Consultancy (BDCI) has an interesting take on smartphone accessories that go beyond contemporary use. We’ve seen high-end smartphone camera attachments, medical-related accessories, and other weird gadgets, but this one is actually interesting. Dubbed At Skin, it scans the skin for any signs of skin diseases or cancer DNA for early detection of serious problems. On the skincare front, the gadget scans the skin for tissues and overall healthy signs.

You can attach this cool gadget to your smartphone, placing it just over the primary sensor and the accessory’s hardware does the rest. The device works like a dermascope to detect any skin lesions or melanoma cells at a very early stage so that you can take the precautionary measures ASAP. Since At Skin can be attached to any smartphone’s camera module, hassle-free skincare is actually possible the right way with BDCI’s attachment. The product is still in the prototyping stage and we hope to see it hit the market soon in the future.

Designer: BDCI