This portable bottle turns your regular water into sparkling water… just by pushing a button

The Bottle+ lets you choose how you want your water – still or sparkling. With a single push of a button, a carbon dioxide chamber at the base of the bottle injects fizz into your water, giving you instant sparkling water on demand, without the hassle of a massive Sodastream, batteries, or the worst of all, single-use bottles of Perrier.

Designer: Nicolas Wild of Bottle+

Click Here to Buy Now: $177 $212 ($35 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!

Designed as a portable bottle that lets you instantly carbonate your water or beverage whenever you want, the Bottle+ comes with a puck-shaped carbon dioxide chamber, contained in an adapter that screws onto the base of the bottle. Once filled with CO2, the chamber lets you fizz-up your beverage with the push of a button. The little chamber, contained within what’s called the Spark Adapter, lets you carbonate your water up to 15 times no matter where you are without any batteries. Once the Spark Adapter is out of CO2, it refills via a home refilling station that sits on your kitchen countertop. The home refilling station houses any standard CO2 cylinder (the kind you’d put in your soda-making machine) and recharges the Spark Adapter that sits on the bottom of your bottle. Think of the Bottle+ as your smartphone, the home refilling station as the charger you plug into the wall, and the tiny little Spark Adapter as a power bank that lets you carry your CO2 with you anywhere you want, effectively ‘recharging’ your drinking water with a little fizz!

The Bottle+ holds up to 600ml of water (20 ounces), while the reusable Spark Adapter snaps onto its base and an airtight lid sits on top. Refilling the Smart Adapter with gas is easy – just dock the bottle (adapter and all) onto the station and press down on it. A one-way valve tops up your Adapter with CO2, sort of like how you fill your car or bike’s tires with air (you’ll even hear the familiar hiss of CO2 making its way into the adapter). When you’re done, just lift the bottle off the station and you’re ready to carry your instant sparkling-water-maker with you. Hit the button on the Bottle+ whenever you want to fizz-up your H20 and you’re immediately greeted with the freshest, ‘crispiest’ sparkling water ever!

While the most obvious achievement of the Bottle+ is making instant carbonation portable, its benefits are even greater in the bigger picture. The reusable bottle works out MUCH cheaper in the long run, sparing you the extra bucks you’d spend on expensive seltzers, and it’s great for the environment too because you’re not creating any waste. Additionally, you never have to worry about your sparkling water going flat – just hit the button and your drink fizzes right up!

The Bottle+ comes with an incredibly sleek design, including the home refilling station which looks more sculptural than utilitarian. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, and can be placed in the dishwasher after you’ve used it. The bottles themselves come in 5 wonderfully muted colors, while the station sports a satin-finish grey exterior. Each Bottle+ comes with the Spark Adapter, although if you just want still water, there’s a plain Still Adapter too that you can snap onto the base of your Bottle+. The entire setup (station and all) costs $177, and all you really pay after that is for the replaceable CO2 tank. Additionally, its manufacturers have teamed up with Cleanhub to help collect 1 kilogram of ocean-bound plastics for each Bottle+ sold!

Click Here to Buy Now: $177 $212 ($35 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!