Volkswagen meets a low rider van to give you the best of both worlds!

Volkswagen has turned out to be the perfect canvas for tuning upgrades and fusion looks, but this concept takes things to the next level – fusing a VW van face with a low-rider van, giving you those must have pickup truck vibes.

The South American artist Rob3rt Design has rendered this ultra-low body stance Volkswagen pickup that is making me literally weak in my knees – it’s that cool. The wide fenders and the huge fat wheels give it a muscle car character that’s somehow reminiscent of the Porsche racing cars. But there the similarity ends, as this is a niche low rider designed for the flamboyance of the highest degree.

Whether you love sports car, muscle beasts or elegant circuit racers, this concept dubbed VOLKSWIDE Kombi Pick Up appeals to a wide section of the picky audiences. The large cargo bed of this VW can be used to haul anything from woodworking items, surfboards to two-wheelers or anything else that fits the space. The low ground clearance, barely enough to fit a bill – gives the vehicle assuring stability even at high speeds. But would it be feasible for streets filled with speed breakers and potholes I’m not sure?

That said, the designer has infused this incredible fusion of a Volkswagen Kombi Pickup and a modern truck to perfection. Combining the retro element of the classic VW pickup (the front suggests that fact) and intertwining it with a modern car DNA is a work of pure genius I can’t stop looking at. And that video rendering of the design is absolutely perfect. I already want to take this four-wheeler for a spin, for now, in my daydreams of course!

Designer: Rob3rt Design