This expandable backpack somehow manages to fit an entire closet inside it… no, seriously.

Clearly, we’ve been looking at backpacks all wrong. Just 10 seconds into the video above, my sufficiently fancy laptop bag suddenly feels about as well-designed as a burlap sack. The way the Nest backpack by Tropicfeel behaves and unfolds, it rethinks bags completely. Instead of being a container to organize and store all your belongings, The Nest somehow lets you pack your life with you. Its individual compartments come apart, expand, and exist outside the bag, turning it into a detachable, modular, and expandable wardrobe/closet that unfolds when you unpack.

Designer: Lúcid Design

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The Nest’s expanding design isn’t just about creatively using the space inside the bag, it’s also about creatively attaching modules onto the existing bag to give it more meaning. The Nest’s design is centered around 3 elements of living – Daily, Hobbies, and Adventure, and it comes with purpose-built accessories and add-ons that go with the bag’s design. At its very heart, the Nest is a 16L bag with all the frills you’d expect: storage for your laptop, compartments and pockets for your belongings and tech accessories, and an overall design that blends comfort with function and style. However, its relatively benign 16L design can expand by almost double, storing 30L when expanded. The base comes with a kangaroo pocket that’s perfect for storing bulky items you’d otherwise never put in your bag (shoes, for instance), and a spider net panel on the back provides even more storage, giving you extra room for extra belongings.

What transforms the Nest into a full-blown wardrobe are its cleverly designed add-on bags. The add-ons plug right into the Nest when you need to carry them around, but when you’re unpacking, they plug right out and become individual entities. The organizer ‘cube’ can be hung on hooks, expanding into a criss-cross of pockets to store your belongings, while the smart packing cube literally folds out into a slim makeshift wardrobe for all your organized belongings. In fact, the smart packing cube itself accounts for an extra 10L of storage – giving you dedicated soft ‘shelves’ for shirts, pants, undergarments, and other belongings. A hook on the top lets the smart packing cube be hung from anywhere too, like a mini vertical wardrobe. There’s a camera ‘cube’ too, specially designed to hold your camera and all its lenses and accessories. These cubes either go inside the bag, or attach onto them like modules, allowing you to store and carry more without really making the bag bulky or cluttered. On unpacking, they simply separate into their own elements, turning a seemingly small 16L bag into a veritable closet of all your belongings.

Another extremely clever design detail on the Nest is its ‘secret compartment’ which exists almost like a trapdoor inside the backpack. It stays flat when you don’t need it, but flips open into a sturdy compartment when you want to store something precious. This secret compartment is accessible through a concealed opening that’s literally impossible for thieves to access when you’re wearing the bag. The Nest is littered with other such functional details, like a sunglasses-holder, a special secret pocket for your smartphone, lateral straps to hold onto a tripod, metal clasps to hold everything together, and a pass-through panel to let you slide your backpack onto a wheeled suitcase.

The Nest comes from the folks at Tropicfeel, an innovation-driven team of 36 operating out of Barcelona responsible for creating two of the most funded outdoor shoes on Kickstarter in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The Nest is their sophomore bag, following the wildly successful Shell backpack, which raised over $2 million from nearly 8000 backers just last year. Building on the success of last year’s backpack design, the Nest is an everyday backpack that’s also purpose-built for your next adventure, and is designed to be more compact yet more accommodating. It comes in a single cabin-friendly 16L size that expands to 20L with the kangaroo pouch, while giving you an extra removable 10L storage thanks to the smart packing cube. Just the bag itself costs $128 on Kickstarter (or $200 retail) going up to $228 if you go for the backpack with all the accessories. Like every one of Tropicfeel’s products, it’s built to last, ships internationally, and comes backed by a robust lifetime warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $128 $200 (36% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!