Designers Ludovico Campana & Seunghun Jeong’s submission for the 2014 Michelin Challenge Design competition tackles the issues of spacial consciousness and multi-functionality with a transformable design, inside and out. To save valuable space, the carriage folds flat and turns vertically, making it easy to park and store. But what about the interior? Automatic inflating seats that are completely configureable to the user’s requirements. See another hidden feature —>

In its upright position, a digital screen is revealed and can be used for advertising, entertainment or an unlimited number of other applications!

Designers: Ludovico Campana & Seunghun Jeong


  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    Where is the door nob? on 2nd thought…. where is the door?

  • Michele says:

    I think that you get on the car floor and then the lateral walls rise up, that’s all.
    You can’t use it when it’s raining 😀
    However it’s a concept, to suggest new ways.
    It’ not made to provide real solutions but to provide new ideas.

  • Bermhartiuj says:

    If a concept brings new ideas to the table which aren’t able to be implemented then that concept lacks fundamental design solutions. The idea is one thing, execution another: And a design concept is a combination of both!

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