These colorful and quirky products transform + hide your everyday home designs in plain sight!

There are certain objects that have attained essential status in our homes. We are so accustomed to them, that in the midst of our 110 belongings, we may not truly notice their presence anymore, even though we may use these objects every day religiously. SEUNGHO Studio decided to uplift these everyday objects, by giving them a makeover, without changing their original form. And they’ve done it via their ‘Hidden Collection’. The Hidden Collection is a series of products that hide the usual appearance of familiar household objects and recreates them. The Hidden Collection is a collection of add-ons you slide your household products into, to increase their utility and give them new and interesting aesthetics! The collection consists of three products – a tissue roll dispenser, a multi-tap wire storage box, and a paper cup dispenser. Each product is colorful, quirky, and adds a spark to otherwise mundane objects. All three designs have been created by simple iron bending, banding, and a slight usage of screws.

The first product in the Hidden Collection is a tissue roll holder. It holds, and also allows you to pull out the tissue paper, as and when needed. It features a central iron plate, on which the tissue roll is placed. Since the iron plate is inclined, it prevents the roll from falling out and holds it securely in place. Grooves have been incorporated onto each side which cut the tissue when you tug on it (you can pull it in any direction). Despite being functionally useful, I love the pop of color that this product adds to your ordinary tissue roll. It manages to make such a simple object so much fun, and something that will be hard to miss!

The second product is a multi-tap wire storage box in the form of a cloud! The cloud-shaped case hides all those pesky wires that lay around on your desk, and in your home office, causing you to trip over them, and basically clutter up your personal space. The case looks so cute and harmless, but at the same time perfectly reorganizes complicated wires, leaving any home or office space neat, tidy, and clutter-free.

The third product is the Canon Paper Cup Holder, and as its name signifies, it pretty much looks like a canon! It can hold up to 22 paper cups each weighing 6.5 oz (which is the standard paper cup size). The product consists of an internal round iron plate that allows paper cups to be hung on it and also lets you pull them out one by one. Not only does it conveniently store these cups, but it does so in an amusing manner, making even the simple act of pulling out paper cups fun!

Designer: SEUNGHO Studio