The OMNIA Q5 is the all-in-one gadget-charging station that Apple should have made

Out of the ruins of the AirPower mat emerges an idea that’s even more powerful and universal… a 5-in-1 charging station for all your portable Apple devices – the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and even the Pencil.

The OMNIA Q5 is a nifty docking and charging station that replaces your drawer of cables. Designed as a slick, compact dock that can fit on even the smallest night-stand, or the corner of your work-desk, the OMNIA Q5 lets you organize and charge all your Apple gadgets at once, supplying the right amount of power to each one of them to charge them rapidly and simultaneously.

Designer: ADAM elements

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The need for something like the OMNIA Q5 hasn’t been stronger right now. Sure, the idea of charging your devices on one platform sounded like a neat little dream when Apple announced it back in 2017, but since then a lot’s changed. Apple redesigned the iPad Pro and added a magnetically charging Pencil to it. The company also switched out the Lightning connector on the iPad and added a USB-C instead… and to add insult to injury, Apple promptly announced that it would eventually phase charging cables out of its product packaging ‘to help save the environment’. Enter the OMNIA Q5, a product that sort of takes care of all those little changes Apple’s made over the years. Designed to be an integral part of your ecosystem of Apple products, the OMNIA Q5 acts like an organizer for your gadgets. It docks them in individually assigned areas (so they’re always neatly arranged) and charges them too – wirelessly for the most part, except the iPad which needs a cable with a USB-C input.

Dual-core design, charging your iPhone (7.5W) or Android (15W) is accomplished wirelessly.

Pretty much everything you really need comes included with the OMNIA Q5, except for the Apple Watch charger, which is a pretty specific proprietary device that ships along with your Watch. Once you connect your Watch charger in place (using the Q5’s USB-C or USB-A input), all you need is a socket to plug the OMNIA Q5 in and you’re good to go. The Q5 supplies your Watch and Pencil with 2.5W of power each, and 5W to your AirPods or AirPods Pro. It comes with a dual-coil wireless charger for your phone (that can be docked in landscape and portrait) supplying a 15W output for Android smartphones and 7.5W for iPhones, and has a dedicated dock/stand for your iPad at the back, with its own USB-C cable that gives the tablet 18W of power.

The charging station and the wireless phone charging pad can be used separately.

Propping up the iPad at two different angles, the OMNIA Q5 helps creators work comfortably.

By acting as a nifty hub for your devices, the OMNIA Q5 helps organize your gadgets so they never get misplaced or lost. A perfect addition to your bedside table or even your workspace, the Q5 keeps your gadgets at arm’s length. The wireless dock for your iPhone lets you use your phone to attend Facetime calls or browse the internet as it charges, and since the smartphone dock obstructs your view of your iPad (which charges right behind it), the dock pops right out, plugging into the side of the OMNIA Q5 (it can even be used independently by connecting it to any USB-C cable). This essentially gives you an unobstructed view of your iPad as you work, allowing you to view media on it, access files, or even sketch away using the Apple Pencil. The iPad sits pretty vertically, making sketching a bit of a challenge, which is why you can even rest your iPad at a shallower angle (between 15° and 20°) by leaning it against the Q5 (sort of like a pillow), giving you a much more comfortable angle for sketching.

Non-slip rubber pad for AirPods Charging Base.

Compatible with the two generations of Apple Watch chargers, which use different USB connectors (USB Type-A/C).

While the OMNIA Q5 is ostensibly a docking/charging station for your Apple gadgets, it works with other devices too. The smartphone charger supports Android phones, and the AirPods dock lets you charge pretty much any TWS earphones that support wireless charging. The Q5 even ships with two separate silicon charging rings that hold chargers for either the Apple Watch or even some specific Samsung Watches, letting you charge both Apple and Samsung smartwatches.

The iPad stand lets you dock any tablet with a USB-C input too (tablets up to 12.9-inches fit comfortably on the Q5). To that end, each OMNIA Q5 comes with overheating and overcharging protection to safeguard your dock as well as your devices. Just in case you happen to leave your keys or any other metallic object on the dock’s wireless charger, it comes with Foreign Object Detection too that warns you with blinking LED lights. The OMNIA Q5 measures 157mm x 124mm (roughly 6×5 inches), giving it a pretty compact form factor that fits on any tabletop surface. It comes with a 3-year warranty too, which is pretty impressive given that the charging accessories that ship with your gadgets never come with warranties. You can grab one at a 51% discounted price of $59, and the OMNIA Q5 will begin shipping as early as November 2021.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $120 (51% off). Hurry, only 169/200 left!