This portable office desk + PC reinvents co-working, giving you an improved open-office layout

Area Flip is a refreshing mobile office desk PC with a multi-screen setup that is designed to emphasize seamless workflow, interaction, and flexible private working zones.

In a typical office setup with desktops as workstations, your portability is limited by the partitions and the wires that clutter but keep you connected. This also leads to a standardized working environment which can get monotonous with time. This problem demands a solution like the Area Flip which maximizes the mobility of the work environment. The Area Flip does this by transforming into a portable desktop, a presentation screen (vertical), or a flat (horizontal) screen for a lying board/screen that allows the people to collaborate better.

This thoughtfully designed office computer gives us a glimpse into the future of ultra-flexible work environments where your work is not limited by the equipment at your disposal. Rather it is mobile and tailored for any creative process that takes place in the organization. For example working together on projects, instant presentations, or brainstorming on a priority problem. It merges the portability of the laptop with the real-estate of a PC – giving you the best of both.

Designer SangWoon Kim imagines Area Flip as a computer and a desk space into one ergonomic form – capable of being moved like a suitcase to wherever desired.

This versatile desk can be used in different configurations. First is, of course, the completely folded mode for easy mobility. The second is a general desk mode without exposure to any screen space whereas the third mode opens up the screen, allowing you to make use of dual screen orientation. The fourth option lets you open presentation mode by aligning the two screens for a bigger real estate, great for addressing a group of individuals. And the last two modes allow for an improved ergonomic angle and flat-lying board configuration that reminds me of the Microsoft Table!

Area Flip comes with the promise of expandability and versatility of use as the internal hardware like graphics card, CPU, RAM, and internal storage can be easily upgraded. Thus, the system can be used for years to come without going obsolete. SangWoon’s motive of innovating the office desk space is something I would love to use – and why not – it brings limitless possibilities when it comes to creating a coworking space when desired while respecting your privacy. It truly is a flexible futuristic office setup that improves upon the flaws of the open office layout.

Designer: SangWoon Kim