This EDC utility knife transforms the same blade into a scraper at the push of a button

ToughBuilt’s Scraper Utility Knife may look like your regular utility knife, but wait till you push that tiny button.

A utility knife is one essential EDC virtually everyone has used at some point in their life. But this particular knife variation brings a unique trick to the show, one that will make you think, why hasn’t anyone thought of this already?!

The tool doubles as a scraper knife for getting rid of those hard-to-remove adhesive marks, old paint stains from furniture, labels from windows and mirrors, or anything stubborn that’s getting hard to get rid of across multiple surfaces.

The switchblade-inspired form gets flipped by 90 degrees, giving it a horizontal orientation that a scraper needs. This simple yet effective transformation comes in handy for anyone who works with hand-made designs. And yes, the blade comes with an easily replaceable design once the sharpness wears out.

The ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife also acts as a can opener from the tail end of the EDC’s handle. In addition, the carry loop makes it ultra-easy to keep handy at all times.

The Scraper Utility Knife is available now for purchase at a price tag of $18, and it comes with five spare blades to last you for a long time!

Designer: ToughBit

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