Google Glass-inspired bicycling accessory gives your sunglasses a nifty rear-view mirror!

It preserves your aerodynamics while giving you an easy-access rear-view mirror… and it fits right on your spectacles/sunglasses like a rather futuristic, life-saving accessory.

Designed to allow you to look behind you without physically glancing over your shoulder as you ride a cycle or motorbike, the CORKY X has an aesthetic that looks rather familiar if you’re a tech enthusiast. Modeled roughly on the form factor of the Google Glass, CORKY X gives you a different kind of HUD. Fitted with a small mirror, the eyewear accessory lets you instantly look behind you simply by glancing out of the corner of your eye.

Designer: THE BEAM

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CORKY X comes with a universally retrofittable design that attaches to any piece of eyewear securely, comfortably, and in mere seconds. The product uses a highly reflective acrylic PC mirror that’s comparable to commercial mirrors but at a fraction of the weight. The mirror sits at the very corner of your visual periphery (so it doesn’t block your view of the road ahead) and is mounted within an adjustable housing that allows you to tilt the mirror in any direction, eliminating blind spots so you have the perfect view of what’s behind you.

While the idea behind the CORKY X seems outwardly simple, the product’s design process required a fair deal of consideration and was more complex than you’d think. The product’s weight, form factor, aerodynamics, and functionality play a critical role in ensuring it works flawlessly without failing or causing an accident. To that degree, CORKY X’s design specifically achieves three crucial things – A. An aerodynamic form factor that allows it to cut through the air without bending or deflecting as you ride, B. a lightweight design (weighing 14 grams) that doesn’t cause your glasses to tilt, and C. an error-free, minimal-tolerance assembly that doesn’t vibrate or change angles as you ride on rough terrain.

In 2019 alone, more than 50,000 cyclists lost their lives globally – a major contributing factor was the lack of visibility. What the CORKY X does is increase a cyclist’s awareness, allowing them to be safer by being able to easily notice fast-approaching objects from behind them. The fact that the CORKY X sits right within your peripheral vision makes it easier to notice things in the blink of an eye, rather than looking down at handlebar-based rear-view mirrors or turning to look behind you. Aside from universally working with almost every eyewear (it needs an 8mm-wide temple stem), it’s also easy to attach and equally easy to remove too… and thanks to its linear design, can slide into any backpack with ease.

The plastic mirror is much more lightweight and durable than a conventional glass mirror (and it’s safer too, since it doesn’t shatter the way glass does), and works in all weather conditions. The CORKY X comes in 3 color options (a black design with a white, yellow, or black stripe) and a 2-year warranty. It’s perfect for riding bicycles or e-bikes (although it doesn’t work with a full-face helmet), or if you want to seem like the futuristic kind, just wear it as you walk on the streets. You’ll look like a cyborg and you’ll also be able to see people behind you staring away in awe!

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