Your sneakers are preventing your feet from performing optimally – BioPods want to change that

The case that the BioPods® makes is quite simple. Think about your feet much like your hands. Your hands can perform various tasks because the nerves (or nerve endings) in the palm of your hands and fingers provide the brain with the information needed for efficient muscle control. The soles of your feet have the same type of nerve endings, and the information they provide the brain is critical to healthy function. Wearing a shoe on your foot is a lot like wearing a boxing glove on your hand. The shoe may cushion your foot during impact, but it also dampens the critical sensory information the brain requires to activate optimal muscle function – sort of like trying to type on a keyboard with boxing gloves or oven mitts on. The BioPods want to change that with shoes designed to stimulate the 100,000 sensory receptors in your feet that are responsible for optimal muscle function. The essence of the BioPod’s innovation is in its Stimsole® (stimulation + sole) – a hybrid outsole and midsole that use multiple pressure points to promote great posture and muscle function by giving your feet the stimulation it needs.

An easy way to understand how BioPods Stimsoles work is to imagine the feeling of Braille. Run your fingers across a flat piece of paper and you’re not going to get any information. However, if the paper has bumps on its surface, the nerves on your fingertips pick them up and your brain decodes them. Stimsole technologies work the same way. When walking, as you step on a surface, the contours of that surface are transferred by the midsole pins and cause a corresponding gentle pressure to your feet. The midsole pins create similar, varying pressures when standing as your body weight shifts. Your nervous system receives the signals required for optimal healthy function and safe, robust performance in both instances. Healthcare professionals recommend BioPods Stimsole technologies for recreational, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and athletic use. BioPods sneakers work like a ‘Proper Technique’ exercise program to rehabilitate and maintain healthy lower limb function, in effect, eliminating the cause of shoe-related problems and pain. With regular use, they also enhance performance capabilities and reduce the risk of injury.

Adding form to function, BioPods’ “Build Your Own” customization system allows you to personalize the look of your sneakers. The sneakers themselves come in 3 styles (including laced and slip-on models) and a whole variety of colors. Made from eco-friendly materials, they provide a combination of comfort, flexibility, durability, and style while also being water repellent and stain-resistant. BioPods sneakers are also customized to match your specific foot size, width, volume, and arch height measurement for a perfect fit.

The sneakers’ soles feature a customizable arch stimulus mechanism for bespoke comfort and function. This feature allows you to determine just the right amount of stimulation for specific activities. Whether you’re standing, walking, jogging, working out in the gym, or playing sports, BioPods sneakers encourage your feet to perform better as well as feel better.

Designers: Roy Gardiner & Steve Horvath

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BioPods® – World’s First Truly Barefoot-like Sneakers

BioPods are customized sneakers designed to stimulate and retrain healthy function rather than artificially support or cushion. BioPods Stimsole Sneakers are the worlds’ first shoes that incorporate modern Proper Technique rehabilitation and sport training principles.

Why Proper Technique?

Proper Technique is used to describe the execution of physical activity that promotes healthy robust function with a reduced risk of injury. Poor Technique refers to the execution of physical activity that has a negative effect on your body and increases risk of injury.

There are 100,000 sensory receptors in the soles of your feet that provide the critical information required by the brain to activate optimal muscle function throughout the feet, legs, hips, and back.

BioPods’ Stimsole technologies provide this critical information and encourage optimal movement with every step you take, ensuring “Proper Technique” function during all of your activities.

Features & Benefits

Therapeutic & Rehabilitative – BioPods Sneakers work like a therapeutic exercise program by providing the Stimulus and the freedom of movement that is required for healthy foot and lower limb function.

Designed for Active Lifestyles – Their patent-pending Stimsole outsole design is universally applicable to a wide range of activities.

Revolutionary Fit for Optimal Comfort – BioPods Sneakers are customized based on your foot measurements to ensure an optimal fit. They fit loosely and move in harmony with your natural foot movement, which is the foundation for optimal comfort and healthy function.

Breathable and Lightweight – BioPods’ extremely lightweight Sneakers almost feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, so your muscles aren’t working harder than they need to. And when you pick up the pace, BioPods Sneakers’ breathable uppers help keep the heat down.

Enhanced Athletic Performance – Athletes understand the importance of Proper Technique training. It promotes a balance of strength and flexibility, safely increases functional robustness, and reduces the risk of injury. Now you can get the benefits of Proper Technique exercise in your everyday shoes to better prepare your body for your more rigorous athletic activities.

Midsole/Outsole Stimsole Technologies – BioPods’ patent-pending outsole/midsole and Sneaker upper designs create a Proper Technique environment for your feet by providing healthy Right Stimulus and encouraging the Right Movement.

Personalize Your Stimulus Level – Interchangeable Velco backed discs provide 3 levels of stimulus adjustment under your arches to accommodate your specific needs and provide optimal comfort.

Extremely Flexible – BioPods Sneakers’ soft flexible outsoles and 4-way stretch uppers encourage optimal dynamic foot movement for exceptional fit, comfort, and performance.

Neutral Heel – The outsole’s heel is 1mm thicker than the forefoot, while the midsole stimulus pins are the same height. This extra 1 mm under the bottom of the midsole pins allows the soft honeycomb treads to compress a bit more at heel strike to provide enhanced initial traction and grip.

Made with Eco-friendly Materials – Their sneakers’ 4-way stretch knitted uppers and inner linings are made from Ynviron® yarns and Repreve® fabrics, both made from recycled plastic bottles. On average, each pair of sneakers contains materials made from 8 recycled plastic bottles.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $178 (39% off). Hurry, only 7/50 left!