Trendy electric bike attachment clips onto conventional wheelchair to run it at 20km/h!

Living with a disability presents its own set of challenges, thus even a strand of freedom can be a life-altering experience. In this space, the UNAwheel Maxi – a wheelchair electric bike attachment, can be that much-needed add-on of freedom. We say this because the inventive battery-powered unicycle add-on is pretty unique in that it can attach to a conventional wheelchair – easily and quickly – to give it some pace and free will maneuverability.

Designed to overcome “mobility challenges” normally faced by wheelchair occupants, the UNAwheel Maxi is both elegant and trendy. This is possible with the choice of material it’s made from. The adjustable steering is made by hydroforming metal and combining it with injection-molded plastic. The handle is composed of rubber, while the wheelbase is high enough to complement the rear wheels (the wheels of the wheelchair i.e.).

The UNAwheel Maxi is not only a stylish attachment – it’s more than only being gimmicky. Operating on a rechargeable battery, it snaps quickly – in under 10 seconds – onto the front of the wheelchair and takes it for a controlled spin at 20km/h. It can run up to 30km on a single charge, which means you can ride down to the grocery store and get back at your free will. This powerful and reliable power attachment is compatible with basic and active wheelchairs and it doesn’t add weight or any bar to hinder – it is designed to clip on and off in seconds, effortlessly.

Designer: SupremeMotors

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