This nifty silicone strap can attach to any smartphone case, giving you an instant grip!

Hear me out. Bags come with handles that make them easy to hold, so do cups… so why don’t phones come with handles too? No, I’m not under the influence of anything, it’s just a pretty straightforward question. Phones today are much bigger (and also more slippery) than the average hand can hold… try using your phone for an entire day with just one hand and you’ll realize it isn’t really possible or comfortable (go ahead, try pressing that back button on the top left corner on your iPhone). This weird phone-palm-size-conundrum has ended up spawning a dozen products, from pop-socket rings to friction cases… but the guys at Phone Loops have a pretty simple idea that, at least on paper, works rather remarkably well. The Phone Strap is a simple piece of silicone that ‘rubber bands’ around your phone (sitting wedged between your smartphone and cover), giving you a handle to help you hold your phone better. Measuring just 0.85mm (.03 inches) in thickness, the strap sits flat on the back of your phone-case at all times, respecting its sleekness and allowing you to fit your phone into your pocket with ease; but slip your hand underneath the strap and it suddenly transforms into a handle, letting you hold your phone comfortably without danger of it falling or accidentally slipping from your hand while you use it.

The solution sounds incredibly rudimentary, but that’s exactly what’s so appealing about it. As simple as the idea outwardly is, it’s just as effective too. The silicone band provides just the right amount of traction, ensuring single-handed phone-use with absolute ease, and it just universally fits on any type of smartphone you have, sandwiching itself between the phone and case to make sure it never slips out accidentally. No matter what phone you have, where the camera’s oriented, or even if you’ve got a MagSafe accessory on your case, the Phone Strap finds a unique way to integrate itself in place, giving you the functionality you need… without being as monstrous and ugly as some of those thick ring-sockets.

Each Phone Strap comes made from food-grade silicone, is easy to sanitize, and comes in one universal size that fits onto any phone like a glove. The silicone provides just the right amount of friction, ensuring your phone never slips out from your hand, and it even allows you to hang your phone from hooks or other hook-like forms to create your own MacGyverian phone-stands. Each Phone Strap also comes with an optional Modular Sling which lets you turn your phone into a cross-body wearable, sort of holstering it in place right across your chest. It’s oddly fashionable, and is a neat way to carry your phone around on your person (quite literally, if I may add)! When strapped in place using the Modular Sling’s carabiner-style clips, your smartphone can also become a fitness wearable or a body-cam, allowing you to either track your workout, or film your morning run. The Phone Strap and Modular Sling are unconventional at best, but they’re a great example of lateral thinking. They solve common problems perfectly, although in justifiably unique ways… and if the only complaint you have at the end of the day is that they’re unusual, well then so be it!

Designer: Jean-Philippe Brousseau of Phone Loops

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Silicone Phone Strap & Modular Sling

Phone Loops is back with two new mobile accessories. A minimal phone grip strap and modular crossbody sling that allows you to hold and wear your mobile the way you need it, when you want it and comfortably.

The Silicone Phone Strap

Simple and Efficient – The phone strap provides an intuitive and minimal grip that is durable and reliable. It seamlessly fits any smartphone and any case. Both stretchy and flexible, this phone strap provides a comfortable fit around your fingers.

Fits your Phone Case – Simply pass the strap through your case openings and stick both ends inside after finding your preferred tension. Their strap is equipped with two strong, reliable and repositionable 3M adhesives that leave no mark or traces on your devices.

Fits Like a Glove – Get a secure, relaxed hold, allowing your thumb to easily reach the edge-to-edge entirety of the screen, as well as removing the strains of holding your mobile.

Fits All Your Gear – The phone straps are compatible with the widest range of mobile accessories, including: standard phone cases, wireless chargers, cable chargers, camera lens add-ons, running armbands, car mounts, mounting clamps, magnetic accessories, Apple MagSafe® accessories such as charger and wallet.

A Steady Shot – A steady grip on your camera is a must have to get the smoothest footage from your mobile.

Extended Usability – The Phone Straps serve well people with limited mobility as they will alleviate any pain caused by holding your mobile, and simply allow you to enjoy a natural and ergonomic grip.

The Modular Sling

At the Ready – The Sling makes it easy for you to access it without any clutter, being ready when you are, helping you capture the moment, worry-free and hands-free.

Easy Setup – The Sling comes with adjustable gliders and carabiner clips. Wear it as a necklace, crossbody, or shoulder strap or as a fanny pack.

Fits your Lifestyle – Convert your Sling into a lanyard and simply throw it over your shoulder, or attach it as a POV harness to capture immersive footage of your daily adventures. You can just as easily go from a crossbody wear to a fanny pack belt, and when you don’t need it, you can effortlessly un-clip from your phone.

Click Here to Buy Now: $9.