Tropicfeel’s new footwear is as comfortable as a sock, but as versatile as adventure shoes

Run on the roads, jog on the beaches, trek mountain terrain, or even take a dip in the sea, Tropicfeel’s Jungle Shoes should serve you well through all of those endeavors. Designed to quite literally be the ATVs of footwear, the Jungle are a pair of shoes that prioritize two things – the journey, and comfort. They fit around your foot as comfortably as a sock would, and are equipped with a 3D Dual Cushion sole that lets you feel like you’re walking on air… even if you’re scaling mountains. The high-grip outsole gives you remarkable traction, while a special anti-abrasive 3D Mesh fabric made from plastic bottles protects your feet from the elements. With the use of unique materials, and even a few specially located drainage holes, the Jungle shoes can be worn underwater too. Whether you’re wading through a river or just swimming on the beach, the shoes form an extension of your foot, giving you freedom of movement. Take them off and they dry easily too… because they were designed to.

If I had to entrust one company with creating the ultimate outdoor shoe, it would be Tropicfeel. A 26-person design company based out of Barcelona, Tropicfeel has created not one, but two of the most funded shoes on Kickstarter, setting their record in 2018, and then nearly matching it in 2019. With innovation practically woven into the company’s DNA, Tropicfeel developed the Jungle footwear as the latest evolution to their all-terrain footwear collection.

Outwardly, the Jungle sneakers embody simplicity, with a design that’s an urban classic of sorts. The shoes come in four color options with a quick-drying fabric body that fits as comfortably as a sock would. The fabric features an upside-down 3D mesh, designed in collaboration with Ariaprene. The fabric is optimized for abrasion-resistance and long-lasting build quality, while using 7 recycled plastic bottles in its construction (in an effort to eliminate ocean waste). The fabric body is then capped off with special Sprint Laces on top that allow you to easily secure your shoes firmly around your feet, and a revolutionary outsole at its base, giving you the slip-resistance you need, whether you’re on the tarmac, on tiles, or on terrain.

The innovation comes naturally to Tropicfeel, but so does focus on sustainability. Each pair of shoes recycles 14 bottles worth of ocean plastic, while even the soles contain 30% recycled EVA foam. By entirely skipping the traditional retail route and focusing on crowdfunding, Tropicfeel can design shoes to order, eliminating the need to store them in shops, pay hefty retail taxes, or warehouse costs across the globe. Moreover, the shoes are durable and built-to-last too. With a classic design and the ability to be worn everywhere (and a lightweight construction that makes them easy to pack), the Tropicfeel Jungle is all set to be the next pair of shoes you’ll never want to take off!

Designer: Tropicfeel

Click Here to Buy Now: $95 $119 (20% off). Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $800,000.

Tropicfeel Jungle – The All-terrain Sneaker

The Jungle is a comfortable, stylish and versatile shoe that every nomad around the world needs. A shoe that has the perfect combination of features to hit the city or hit the mountains, and everything in between.

Features & Benefits

Designed to slip on and off.

Gets you ready quicker.


Quick dry.

Breathable with or without socks.

Easy to pack.

Click Here to Buy Now: $95 $119 (20% off). Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $800,000.