This intelligent standing desk adjusts to any angle to meet all your work from home requirements!

It’s been three months into 2021, and I’ve honestly pretty much gotten used to working from home. At this point in time, the work from home routine suits me just fine, except for the fact that constantly sitting around on a desk can turn out to be problematic for my back and posture. The knots on my shoulder are at an all-time high, and I’m always on the lookout for ergonomically designed work desks and chairs, that can allow me to work for hours on end, without sacrificing my back to Satan! During one of my hunts for home office furniture, I came across the UFOU UPON Intelligent Sit-to-Stand Desk. UPON is supposed to be the world’s 1st e-desk with three-axis adjustments! What this basically means, is that it’s a lifting table that is adaptable to various height adjustments.

Designed by UFOU Design Inc, the height of the desk can be freely adjusted from 650mm to 1300m, so it’s suitable for everyone, whether child or adult! It doesn’t matter how tall you are, you can easily customize the modular desk to suit your height and posture. No more straining your neck, because a desk is too short for you (I’m 5’11 and I struggle with this ALL the time). The tray can be extended up to 150mm, and the flip angle lockable from 0 to 35 degrees. All these intriguing features let you work while sitting or standing and make it suitable for a variety of activities from reading, writing, drawing to working on your laptop. The three-axis adjustment allows the table to be extended upwards, downwards, forward, backward, and at multiple tilted angles. You can do this via the patented ‘Joy-Con’ controller, which is quite similar to a Joystick. The controller comes equipped with a sedentary reminder, lock, and memory button. Additionally, an intelligent anti-pinch function prevents the desk from getting jammed up or trapped.

With a standing desk like UPON you can almost never get bored! You never have to work in the same old position for long hours. You can adjust the desk according to your moods and comfort, allowing you to truly focus on your work, letting your creativity flow, and in turn, increasing your productivity. UPON is not limited to a single user, it can in fact cater to the needs of multiple users. It can adapt to the requirements of various people from different age groups, heights, and fields of work. If you do install such a desk in your home office, it can be utilized by all the working members of your family, irrespective of how they choose to use it. UPON’s various configurations make it compatible with all sorts of methods of applications, so each user can make the most of the desk, in their own style! UPON is a modern, modular, and intelligent desk whose applications and possibilities are endless!

Designer: UFOU Design Inc.