Forget the Rubik’s Cube… this origami-inspired shape-shifting cube is the most entertaining toy you’ll see

I’d totally understand if you decided to watch the video above on loop instead of reading what I have to write. Nothing I can say will ever match up to how entertaining the Shashibo Cube is to look at. Designed in the avatar of a 3×3-inch cube, the Shashibo is, in fact, made from 24 different triangular segments that snap together and rotate in relation to each other using a system of internal magnets. The results, as the video above should rather appropriately demonstrate, are simply stunning. The cube bends and folds in ways that will confuse, excite, and absolutely hypnotize you. Each triangular segment rotates freely (thanks to the magnets) to create a whole variety of geometric shapes, while artwork on the cube’s outer and inner surface fold and flex as if they’re being contorted in the time-space continuum. The fact that you’ve even reached this sentence instead of binge-watching the video is frankly confusing!

Designed by Andreas Hönigschmid, the Shashibo combines his love for geometry, magnets, and art into one endlessly entertaining product. A single Shashibo cube can transform into more than 70 different shapes… a number that reaches infinity when you realize that the magnets even allow you to snap multiple Shashibo cubes together! Opening and manipulating the cube is relatively simple – start by grabbing the corners of your cube, and open it like you would a pistachio nut. The cube instantly buckles as you split it open, warping into one of its many different shapes. While the very idea of the Shashibo is to explore its intricacies and understand its complex yet delightful geometry through actual experimentation, you could alternatively download the Shashibo guide as a ‘handbook’ to help you master the cube’s infinite power! The award-winning toy comes in 7 different art-styles, and is perfect for people of all ages and walks of life, and even for the vision-impaired!

Designer: Andreas Hönigschmid

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Shashibo – 3D Magnetic Puzzle Box

What looks like a cube becomes so much more. This patented Award-Winning mysterious magnetic puzzle box transforms into over 70 shapes. Collect and connect 2, 3, 4, or more to unlock 1,000,000+ structure designs.

Each Shashibo is powered by 36 hidden rare earth magnets.

Each Shashibo has 4 art designs – the outer design & 3 inner designs.

Click Here to Buy Now: $18 $20 (10% off site-wide with Coupon Code “yankodesign”). Hurry, deal ends March 31, 2021.