Dot Matrix Microwave for Dummies

I know I’m not the only one who has NO CLUE how to use my microwave’s gazillion features. For us, there’s the Dot Matrix Microwave. — This innovative design takes the guesswork out of heating various foods by utilizing a single knob that toggles between the only the most common settings including defrost, liquids and 3 straightforward power settings. The design could have used a 2 million pixel LCD fancy shmancy screen, but nothing really emphasizes its simplicity like a beautifully basic dot matrix display!

Designer: WAACS Design


  • Albert says:

    I don’t know about the functions but I like the different colors of this…

  • Fleder says:

    This is a really stylish and nice idea!
    Only the Icon for “Bread” is misleading for coutries who don’t call this soft sweet stuff “Bread”. It is called Toast.

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