Forget Stadia, what would a pure-Android gaming console look like?

Designed to make gaming truly accessible and with an enhanced experience, this is the Android Gaming Console. It’s an Android smart-device, but it also sports toggle-sticks, a D-Pad, and an XYAB button layout.

Envisioned by Art. Lebedev Studio, the device is handheld, sports a touchscreen, and a stylised back with a texture that’s truly finger-loving. Optimized for portable gaming, the AGC plays Android titles with ease (I imagine it would be a dream for PUBG and Fortnite) and even comes with a headphone jack for private gaming, and a charging port that’s positioned on the phone’s longer edge, making it easy to charge the device while gaming, or place it in a charging dock.

The AGC is, in short, a pretty nifty concept that follows the footsteps of the Nintendo Switch Lite, albeit on a different platform. I’m pretty sure it’s a compelling idea too, given how many games exist on Android’s platform today!

Designer: Pauline Matika (Art. Lebedev Studio)