This isolated cabin-on-a-rock makes for the perfect getaway from civilization

If ever there was a time to just pack your bags and live in isolation, this would probably be it. Imagine escaping society’s problems, traffic, unrest, the weather, the news, annoying neighbors, and just taking a break on something as idyllic as this Ocean Cabin. Designed by Sri Lanka-based Thilina Liyanage, the Ocean Cabin is a neat, A-frame cabin precariously built on a giant boulder facing the ocean.

The A-frame design gives the cabin a sharp, jagged appeal that matches the rocky beach below… but the interiors are exceptionally warm and inviting, with an all-wood design, and a bar-counter to greet you as soon as you enter! You’ll have to climb multiple flights of stairs before you make it in; although, on a sunny day, that should give you a spectacular view of the coast ahead of you as well as of the lush greenery behind you. The cabin sits on stilts, giving you the advantage of altitude during high tides, while the complete glass-facade on the front of the cabin ensures you always have a panoramic ocean-facing view during the day. When the sun sets, the slanted skylight on the back ensures you sleep under a blanket of stars. Airbnb, give this designer a medal!

Designer: Thilina Liyanage