This fan-powered N95 mask-insert can supercharge your regular cloth-mask with double-filtration and easy breathing

Think of the Refresh Mask as a device that augments your regular mask the same way a cooling pad augments your laptop’s performance. In a lot of ways, it’s literally what the Refresh Mask does, because this tiny insert fits right between a traditional cloth mask and your face, and comes with its own fan-powered filtration system that makes it MUCH easier to breathe through your regular mask.

Simply put, the Refresh adds a fan and an N95 filter to your regular face-mask. Designed to fit universally onto any face thanks to a silicone outer rim, the Refresh sits on your face, and is held in place courtesy of a cloth mask that hooks around your ears. On the inside, the Refresh uses an impeller (or a centrifugal fan) to pull air from the front and channel it into various corners of the inside of the mask, keeping your nose and mouth cool. Moreover, channels air out too, removing exhaled air so you don’t feel sweaty while breathing within your mask. The fan sits behind a replaceable N95 filter-sheet, which ensures all the air you breathe is thoroughly filtered of dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen, allergens, microparticles, molds, and a host of other pollutants and irritants. To create a balance between safety and longevity, exhaled air isn’t filtered through the N95… instead, it’s passed through the front ad gets filtered out by your cloth mask. This ensures the Refresh Mask’s N95 filter lasts twice as long while providing the same efficiency in filtering air.

Each Refresh Mask (it’s technically just an attachment) comes with its own cloth mask (just in case you’ve been using a bandana or non-woven disposable surgical masks all this while. The cloth mask is machine-washable and is perfectly sized and shaped to accommodate the fan-attachment on the inside. The inner N95 filters are easy to replace and can be swapped out every couple of weeks when you see it getting dirty. A box-set of 30 filters sets you back just about $30 and gives you over a year of usage.

While we’re hopefully at the end of this pandemic (there’s really no telling, especially after Britain’s second outbreak), the Refresh Mask also addresses other pressing issues like deteriorating air quality, pollutants, pathogens, or even allergic irritants. Designed with two fundamental beliefs – A. that masks are going to be more normal (if not mandatory) in the future, and B. that current masks aren’t quite perfect yet, the Refresh simply makes the case that clean air shouldn’t be difficult to breathe. By cleverly putting a fan and N95 filter into your current mask setup, the Refresh gives your breathing the upgrade it needs… not just by giving you cleaner air, but also by giving you cooler, breezier air!

Designer: PhotoFast

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Refresh Mask – N95 Personal Air-Purification System

The Refresh Mask is a fan-powered air filtration system with N95 rated filters that protects you from 95% of particles .3 microns in diameter. That includes harmful particles like dust, allergens, bacteria, pollution, and viruses.

SGS Antivirus Tested (Standard: ISO 18184:2019).

Replaceable N95 Grade Filter: Effective against harmful particles and a 30 day supply included.

Built-in Air-Circulation System: Brings in fresh air while removing CO2, heat, and moisture keeping you cool and refreshed. It is also rechargeable via Micro USB for up to 8hrs of run-time.

Perfect Seal: Built with medical-grade silicone that seals to your face for a comfortable fit.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $149 (47% off). Exclusive deal for YD Readers! Hurry, offer ends January 31, 2021.