The Seatpost that Smooths Out All Bumpy Road-rides

Any seasoned rider is aware of a certain inhibiting factor called saddle pains. Too much time on a bike driving down a rough trail and your backside can get really sore from absorbing all the shocks from the bumps in the road (this gets worse if you’re off-roading), even leading to injury. When you DO play it safe, you end up compromising on your riding experience because instead of enjoying the thrill, you’re watching out for bumps and potholes, bracing yourself or slowing down to avoid the jerky ride.

The ShockStop seatpost was designed to absorb those shocks for you. Its ingenious spring+parallel linkage combination results in a seatpost that balances your ride out, minimizing shocks by up to 60%. The clever GIF below explains pretty much how the ShockStop works, absorbing all the shocks from uneven roads so that they don’t relay to your body. The result being a much smoother ride, both in urban and off-roading scenarios. Designed to add much needed comfort to bikes of all brands and types the ShockStop makes rides smoother, allowing you to ride for longer.

Designed by Redshift Sports, the ShockStop seatpost can be retrofitted on any bike with a round seatpost that’s 27.2mm or larger. With a 35mm travel, and an internal spring that can be manually swapped for stiffness depending on what suits you, the ShockStop is made to add to your bike’s performance. The people at Redshift noticed how adding suspension to a bike didn’t just enhance comfort, it increased endurance, minimized fatigue, helped conserve the rider’s energy, enabled them to ride faster and more efficiently. It also gave them much more control of the biking experience, allowing them to ride without focusing too much on the roughness of the trail. Rarely do you see one small upgrade having such a widespread effect on an entire experience, but that’s what’s so great about the ShockStop. It doesn’t just make your ride more comfortable. It makes the overall riding experience better, allowing you have more of it!

Designers: Erik deBrun, Stephen Ahnert & Scott Poff of Redshift Sports

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The ShockStop Seatpost is an adjustable-stiffness suspension seatpost that will dramatically improve your ride by smoothing out the road. It is equally suited for an epic gravel adventure or just dealing with potholes on your daily commute.

You can adjust the spring rate and pre-load to match your specific riding style.

And with 35 mm of suspension travel, it’s perfect for all types of riding: gravel / CX, e-bike, commuter, city, road, and even mountain.















Typically, adding comfort to your bike meant sacrificing performance. The ShockStop Seatpost lets you ride faster and more efficiently by keeping you stable and allowing the bike to absorb rough terrain. This means you spend more time putting power to the pedals and less time bracing for impacts.

The ShockStop Seatpost is the rare product that increases comfort AND performance.



The ShockStop has an internal spring which applies force on the seatpost’s four-bar linkage, which in turn suspends the saddle and rider. As you ride, the seatpost allows the bike to move under you as it encounters uneven terrain, which reduces the accumulated effects of bumps and vibrations by up to 60%. The four-bar linkage ensures that your saddle angle remains constant through the full travel of the suspension.

Click here to Buy Now: $139.00 $199.00