This pet carrier + bed is a multifunctional design that your pet will voluntarily jump into!

When JP, my roommate’s cat, has to go to the vet, wrangling him into his pet carrier is a team effort. JP is quick, his claws are sharp, and he is willing to do anything to avoid that plastic-shelled trap. Many pets find comfort in their crates. JP loves to curl up in a box or other confined space. The problem is that his carrier comes with negative connotations, and the material itself is hard plastic. The Hoonico new carrio 2, on the other hand, offers a soft, comfy den that your cat would voluntarily step in. I don’t see the Hoonico as a pet carrier or kennel; I see it as a cat bed that happens to be portable.

Additionally, the new carrio 2 has taken into account your comfort needs as the pet holder. The product has detachable straps that can hook onto the bag in four different ways. You can wear it as a backpack (oriented vertically or horizontally), a shoulder bag, a crossbody carrier on your chest, or hold it like a briefcase. This multifunctional feature makes the process of totting your pet as convenient as possible.

Here are a few extra features that you and your pet will love. One, the carrier’s cover has a peephole that your cat can watch the world through. Two, that same door has a magnet sewn in, so it can stick to the other half of the bag and give your cat a more scenic view. Don’t worry, your pet won’t jump out because there’s a secondary net covering underneath! The carrier also has a cloth loop where you can hook a lock around the zipper for extra pet safety.

I love the functionality of this product, but I also appreciate its aesthetic. The neutral gray fabric could match with most outfit color schemes, making it the perfect accessory. I imagine the Hoonico as a practical transport vessel, but with its stylish design, I’d be tempted to carry my roommate’s cat wherever I go.

Designer: Sunghoon Park