This zero-emission dirt bike’s design will give you an adrenaline rush!

The electric bike segment is evolving from the basic designs to something that brings more value and has aesthetically pleasing attributes. SUPER73 clearly redefined the preconceived notions of what an electric bike should be, attracting the attention of the Americans who value lifestyle adventure. No doubt Roland Sands Design saw this as an opportunity to join hands with the e-bike maker in 2019 to create a custom version – RSD SUPER73 Racer e-hooligan that garnered praise from the industry experts and was later put up for a show at the legendary Petersen Automotive Museum in April 2019.

At the beginning of this year, SUPER 73 debuted the lightweight RX e-bike in New York that boasted of the brand’s most powerful electric motor ever, improved braking system, and adjustable front and rear suspensions. It also came with smartphone compatibility with over-the-air updates. Roland Sands again had their eyes lit up seeing the potential of the e-bike – perhaps envisioning the countless ways they could enhance it. Hence came to life the second project between the two brands. Under closed doors the two teams have been working on a custom version of the e-bike, they call Roland Sands Design x SUPER73-RX Collaboration bike.

The racing influence is much evident on the e-bike, custom paint job, and graphics, thanks to the minds at Roland Sands. On the performance front, the bike has been tweaked for performance and handling – getting a relocated battery positioning for a lower center of gravity and a moto-styled seat developed with RSD and Saddlemen. For better braking, the custom tuner fitted the bike with configurable Magura brake sets and full-twist throttle by Magura again, for refined controlling. Now that the SUPER73-RX morphed into an improved version of itself, it was justified to embellish it with SUPER73 GRZLY all-terrain tires!

Designer: Roland Sands Design for SUPER 73