Breaking The iPhone Addiction

The only way to break your iPhone addiction is lean towards gadgets that don’t disappoint! For example the Plumage Concept Phone is a good way to wean you off the apple and enrich your mindscape with something more innovative. Love the ideation and the sleek design, and of course the built-in protective cover / keyboard! Slick!

Designer: Jet Ong


  • steve says:

    Nope, this should be just a screen cover. The phone should act differently when attached, but this would work better as a type cover accessory. People want full screen devices.

  • Muralikrishna says:

    Hi very good form factor and trendy piece of design, but now I feel full screen is a must
    Moreover u can have an option , when u have a long text or email u can flap half the screen as you have shown to have some sort of a qwerty key board also a writing / sketching pen a must

  • Andrew says:

    cool but time has passed

  • prem says:

    Good and Best

    and your are right making full touch it feel three types of devices.

  • hj says:

    i don’t like Windows phone but this is a concept i do like very very much as if wp matured into what Windows mobile was

  • JC says:

    I don’t understand why it was designed like this.
    This would make much more sense:
    A flip cover, like on many Android phones now, attached to a panel on the back. This flip cover would only be attached halfway along its length. Then, implement this flip-down keyboard concept. Also, there needs to be a clear and easy way for the physical keyboard to stay down while typing, without need to use a finger. Last, does it click? Otherwise, it doesn’t serve much purpose. I need tactile feedback.

  • charlie says:

    i will like to know the price of the phone please

  • i love the concept you make, this phone is really different from others, i think this is the answer to people who still love using physical qwerty keyboard, and also typing in physical keyboard for me is faster and less failure while typing.

    i also like the way you change the battery door to the front of the phone, i will make easier to put sim card, memory and battery without flip to back of your phone.

    the button around the phone is really good because it easier to touch the power button on the middle right and the volume button on the middle left, the headphone jack is also place in the right spot.

    I hope this concept can be a real phone

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