This award-winning soldering iron’s smoke purifying design is the modern avatar of this age-old tool!

For DIY welding aficionados, the details are key with soldering tools. The welder has to be an appropriate size, the time it takes for the iron to heat up could make or break the experience, and the amount of heat generated has to make sense for each job. That’s why Red Dot gave their 2020 Design Award to an electric soldering iron with smoke purification capabilities – it managed to check all the boxes.

The lead designer behind this safety welder, Wang Guoqiang, implemented a built-in air purifier in order to filter toxic fumes that are inevitably inhaled when using other soldering tools on the market. The main body of the tool is comprised of an internal purification system that incorporates an exhaust and suction mechanism in order to filter harmful fumes that come from soldering. At the head of the tool, a tube of glass contains the flow of heat and air so burns that could result from touching hot, exposed iron are entirely avoided. The electric soldering iron works on built-in, rechargeable, lithium batteries so that it functions wirelessly and you don’t have to worry about messy wires while you’re getting a job done. This electric soldering iron with smoke purification features is the size of a pen for easy clean-up and storage, making it the perfect portable or household tool.

Designer: Wang Guoqiang x Ningbo Fonu