This air purifying face shield + smart display concept shows doctors medical data in real-time!

Medical workers, who are on the front-lines of this pandemic, need the best protection against the virus. Traditional medical masks are cheap and effective but can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods because the material prevents fresh air from coming in. (After months of consistently wearing masks, most of us are probably familiar with the unpleasant sensation of wearing one after a big lunch.)

The Medisight aims to solve this comfort issue and improve on existing PPE options for a post-pandemic world. Unlike a standard surgical mask, this product allows for continual airflow behind the face cover, so the user isn’t trapped breathing the same stale air. For added comfort, the Medisight’s frame wraps around the head, staying secure with minimal face contact. The clear shield also lets patients see the user’s face, helping them form a more personal connection. It is also helpful for hearing-impaired individuals, who may rely on reading lips to communicate. Additionally, as a small but important bonus: the Medisight is reusable, unlike standard medical masks, which would help reduce medical waste. The designer says, “The plan is to continue the functional study of materials through various experiments. In addition, in order to realize the concept design of medical devices, we would like to contribute to the development of international medical services by conducting joint research through contact with various medical device companies. Through this, the ultimate goal is to provide more convenient products in the medical environment of medical staff.”

The most unique feature of the Medisight face shield is the embedded smart display, which presents the patient’s medical information in real-time. Equipped with a real-time black box camera for live recording and transfer of information, this shield can potentially transform the way doctors communicate in a situation – by consulting with specialists who can view the patient and confer/relay instructions without delaying any precious time. Instead of reading off a physical chart, a medical staffer can simply read the information on the glass. This is a small convenience for sure, but in the future, it could significantly change the design of other medical devices. Hospital rooms would no longer need bulky machines to monitor patients’ vitals; that information, which would typically be shown on a large screen, could be stored in an online database and accessed through the Medisight. The concept of the Medisight face shield is exciting because of its immediate and long-term benefits. If this product was available today, it would provide thousands of medical professionals with secure and comfortable protection. In the long-term, widespread adoption could save money and put a dent in the millions of pounds of one-use medical supplies thrown out each year.

Designer: Wonkyoung Kim