Yube Modular Furniture

I am going through the painful process of redecorating my home office. Caught on a tight budget, being picky on the design sensibilities and opting for some sense of eco-consciousness is not helping my case at all. Just when I was about to give up on finding any ‘fashion forward’ thinking styles for shelves, tables and cupboards, I stumbled upon the magic of Yube Modular Furniture. The focus being modularity, sustainability and customization, Yube is ideal for me and those who care about style and functionality.

The Award-winning Yube modules are 13-inch cubes crafted exclusively from recyclable and biodegradable materials.The modules are constructed from reconstituted sugar cane waste fibers. The frames are made of ‘Woodlite’, a moldable thermoplastic mixed with fiber made from bamboo and timber waste material. This aligns with the current trend of eco-consciousness. The good thing about assembling the cubes is that they snap together easily and lock rigidly when the back panel is slid into place. To give it your own signature style, you can play with the range of funky accessories – doors, feet, shelves and drawers; kinda like ‘LEGO for adults!’

I love the fact that you can create tables, desks, bookcases, shelves, room-dividers and many more layouts by just using a few of these simple modules. The basic Yube unit is a 13 inch cube that can be integrated with other Yube cubes and accessories – doors, feet, shelves, storage drawers and the likes.

Using the System

  • Yubes can be stacked horizontally and vertically in any configuration, including, back-to-back, side-by-side and top-to-bottom.
  • Yube can be decorated with color and images. Panels can be stenciled or painted and an online application allows you to upload any image and create a unique door.
  • New Yubes can be purchased and added to existing structures making Yube endlessly variable and expandable.
  • Tool-free assembly means that the following components: four identical frames with preinstalled outer panels, one set of mounting pins to connect or stack Yubes and one back panel, can be put together in a jiffy!

Yube co-founders Chairman Errol Drew and President Jeff Greenstein have done a commendable job of providing us stylish yet affordable modular furniture. Going a step further to make Yube fit your budget and style, I’ve convinced the team to give a special 10% off to YD Readers!

Use the Coupon Code: yanko13 (offer expires on 31st October – midnight PST)